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God Has Sent us To The Nations, Let’s Go! – Aps. Ebenezer Hagan

An impactful opening ceremony is essential for every occasion, and this evening’s service was no exception. It began with a breathtaking opening prayer, worship, and praise. The PENSA International coordinator, P/Ovr Kofi Owusu Boakye, welcomed the participants and introduced the dignitaries. During his address, he shed more light on the conference’s purpose: to equip the youth to become effective missionaries in their nations for maximum impact.

From right: Pr/Ovr Kofi Owusu Boakye and Aps Ebenezer Hagan during the opening session.

An address from Apostle Ebenezer Hagan, the Patron of the PENSA International and Youth Director of the Church of Pentecost, followed the coordinator’s address. The addresses were capped with a performance from the Church of Pentecost International Rwanda literary group. Apostle Ebenezer Hagan delivered the sermon for the day on the theme “Repositioned for maximum impact in the nations: 1 Thessalonians 2: 17 – 20; Isaiah 4:9”.

Aps. Hagan’s sermon touched on various aspects of God’s purpose for repositioning people to make maximum impact in the nations. Amongst the many definitions he gave for repositioning, a summary of the definitions entailed the quest to strive for excellence to achieve the goal of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. He then elaborated on four levels of impact: minimal, average, severe and maximum. Contextually, the church strives for MAXIMUM impact as PENSA international and the church.

Aps Ebenezer HaganDuring the sermon, the speaker discussed God’s interest in the nations and provided three reasons. Firstly, God created the nations, as stated in Acts 17:26. Secondly, God wants the nations to seek Him. And thirdly, God wants the nations to worship and serve Him. However, sin has caused the world to be under attack. Both Satan and the nations are affected by it, as seen in Romans 5:12, Daniel 3:4-5, and Revelations 12:9. To save the nations, God has willed that they are saved through faith, as mentioned in Galatians 3:8, and by preaching the gospel, as stated in Luke 24:47. The goal is for the nations to become disciples of God, so they can worship and serve Him, as seen in Romans 10:13-14. Our role in God’s eternal plan is to be witnesses of Lord Jesus Christ to the nations and disciple them. The sermon concluded with two core messages. Firstly, God will help us overcome obstacles to achieve the nation’s agenda. And secondly, our reward in heaven will depend on the results of our ministry.

The service ended with a Spirit-filled prayer session led by Pastor Asare and a closing prayer by the National Head of COP Rwanda. Of a truth, the opening session set ablaze the fire of God in the hearts of participants and made them poised and hungry for a greater impact.


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