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Brain-drain is often a term that leaders in some developing countries use in expressing their disgust at the periodic loss of some of their best brains from schools, and on the job, to developed countries which have a high demand with attractive salaries for such skilled immigrants. Though leaders and citizens in the developing countries tend to express their displeasure, it would interest you to know that most of them are actually planning on getting same opportunities in developed countries. It may seem that life is generally better in the powerful nations of the West. Yet, there are people who still sleep on the streets and in the cold in these nations.

Ironically, there are people who live in abject poverty and cannot afford a full meal daily in big cities. However, in my humble village somewhere in West Africa, there is abundant food which is not made with genetic engineering. There is often too much produce that some just rot away. Don’t let me trick you into thinking that I am living in heaven on earth. People die here from minor ailments because they live too far from the few professionals who can help them and they often don’t have the luxury of a quick transport when they have emergencies. In this light, it seems having a natural and serene environment, with wholesome food, is not good enough.

Most villagers therefore move to the cities just like how most professionals (usually city dwellers) emigrate to other countries for a better life! One thing is apparent in my content so far, that there is no place without its own kind of trouble, whether it is a village, city or overseas. Do you agree? Please don’t conclude yet! There is one more place and it is called “Heaven” or “Paradise”. This place holds the hope of all humanity and creation that there would be peace, tranquility, growth, sanctity, serenity, abundance, beauty, what have you? All these good qualities and more characterize “Heaven” (Revelations 21).

Knowing Jesus, the Lord of all humanity, is the main step to be sure that one day, you will migrate to Heaven!

P/Ovr. Dr. Vincent Anohene Appiah


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