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PENSA International Global Internship & Professional Exhange Programme

The Global Internship and Professional Exchange Programme has two components:

(1) Global Internship

(2) Professional Exchange


The PENSA International Global Internship Program seeks to identify and connect PENSA students, alumni, and young professionals with affiliated and like-minded corporate entities for the purposes of establishing internships, transferring knowledge, and influencing the corporate sector with the values and principles of the Kingdom of God.

The Global Internship Program will go beyond national borders: whether virtually, hybrid, or on-site. This program will not only widen the networks of participants but also equip them to be job-ready and provide untapped value to participating corporate entities.

  1. The Global Internship Programme of PENSA International will feature a range of internship opportunities, as availed by our partner organizations.
  2. All interested applicants will be required to submit a curriculum vitae (Resume), cover letter, and academic credentials online for the initial screening. These documents are aimed at informing the selection team about the potential, skills, and qualifications of the interested applicant.
  3. Applicants will be shortlisted based on the documents they submitted.
  4. All candidates who successfully progress to the shortlisting stage may be asked to provide an introductory video. This video should comprehensively showcase their skill set, articulate their motivation for applying, and highlight their unique attributes and qualifications. This requirement is an integral part of the evaluation process, allowing a more dynamic presentation of each applicant’s professional profile and personal enthusiasm for the opportunity.
  5. All candidates who are shortlisted will be required to pay a minimal commitment fee. This fee is instituted to affirm the seriousness and dedication of the applicants towards the opportunity. By implementing this requirement, we aim to ensure that only those genuinely committed and prepared to engage in the program proceed further. This step is crucial in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the selection process, ensuring that the opportunities are utilized by those who are most invested in them.
  6. Selected candidates will participate in an orientation period facilitated by PENSA International and the host organization, marking the beginning of their internship journey. Each internship is structured to last no longer than three months. During this period, interns may be provided with housing, transportation, and a modest stipend. These provisions will be determined in agreement with the host organization, ensuring a supportive environment that enables interns to focus effectively on their professional development and contributions to the organization.


The Professional Exchange component of the program operates on a supply-driven model, where professionals with expertise in specific fields voluntarily offer their services in different locations or countries on a pro-bono basis. PENSA International will develop a matchmaking platform to facilitate these exchanges, effectively aligning the skills and expertise of professionals with the needs of host organizations or communities.

This innovative approach is anticipated to attract applications from diverse industries, including but not limited to health, finance, legal, education, and information technology.

By leveraging this platform, PENSA International aims to foster a dynamic exchange of knowledge and skills, while contributing to the development and enrichment of both the professionals and the receiving organizations or communities across various sectors.

Identification of Professionals:

  • Professionals who are interested in volunteering for the exchange program will express their interest by registering on the application portal.
  • They will provide information about their skills, experience, and areas of expertise.

Matching Process

  • Once a match is made in the Professional Exchange program, the involved professionals will be promptly informed about their pairing with a host organization.
  • PENSA International will assist in aligning and connecting these professionals with their respective host entities. This process may include providing comprehensive orientation to acquaint them with the specifics of the host organization and the expectations of the exchange.
  • Additionally, logistical support will be arranged, as needed, including visa processing and travel plans, to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for the professionals to their new roles and environments. This streamlined approach aims to foster effective connections and seamless integration into the host organizations.

Exchange Period:

  • The selected professionals will embark on their exchange program, which could last for a predetermined period, such as a few weeks to several months, as agreed by the parties.
  • Throughout their tenure, these professionals will collaborate closely with the host entity, actively sharing their expertise and insights. They will also have the opportunity to learn from local professionals, gaining new perspectives and skills. This reciprocal relationship is key to achieving the objectives of the project, ensuring that both the professionals and the host organizations derive maximum benefit from the exchange.

Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration:

  • The professionals will engage in knowledge transfer, training, and collaborative activities with local counterparts.
  • They may conduct workshops, provide mentorship, and contribute to the development of sustainable solutions.

Feedback and Evaluation:

  • Throughout the exchange period, there will be routine feedback and evaluation to ensure that the goals of the exchange program are being met.
  • Both the professionals and the host organization will provide feedback on the experience and the impact of the exchange.

Debriefing and Post-Exchange Support:

  • After the exchange period, there will be a debriefing session where professionals reflect on their experiences.
  • Post-exchange support may include follow-up activities, continued collaboration, and the dissemination of lessons learned.

Program Evaluation:

  • The overall success and impact of the professional exchange program will be evaluated to improve future iterations.


This program will empower the next generation of dynamic professionals through the Pensa International Global Internship and Professional Exchange program, and Unleash young talents with vigour and skills, ensuring they make a profound and ethical mark in the corporate realm.

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