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PENSA International; The Army Unleashed

Fierce and vicious, endowed and equipped

The long awaited manifestation

The guerilla of the end-time militia

Formidable, intimidating and with adequate synergy..

Marking the globe as our Area-Defence,

Never loosing sight of the “Matthew 16:16 – 18” checkpoint.

We salute the cross, hosting high it’s flag of Salvation

It’s banner is Love.


An All-nations deployment and a casualty-free enrollment

Strategically infiltrating the defence of the armies of darkness

Annexing territories and seizing new fields

Responding to our Active- Duty (the great Commision)

And holding fast the 4-4-2 tactics

It’s no retreating and no surrender

Taping the rich Base of our intellectuals, engaging the frontiers of academia


Parading forces into the nations

Touching the core of society and restoring hope back to nations

Abusing the stand of ungodliness and raising the standard of uprightness

Behold the new dawn! The rise of God’s army and the emblem of Salvation.


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