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Fear of the unknown

When I was a kid, I used to be afraid of the dark closet at night, thinking there was a monster behind those doors. I would cry and cry if I was left alone in the room until one day my father told me there was no such monster in there.

But he did tell me as well that in the vacuum behind the dark closet existed FEAR. However, if I could muster the courage to face fear, it would disappear once I opened those doors.

Now, in front of me exist a thousand of similar doors, the greatest fear ever: The fear of the unknown. But I won’t let it overwhelm me, I will rise above my shoulders and hope for a bright future once I have life, for there’s no hope in the grave where all humanity heads towards.

Yes, I will not let the fear of the unknown keep me from changing what I know doesn’t work. Rather, I would replace such fear with curiosity and seek to meet the unknown with courage and a great sense of adventure.

Martinson Yirenkyi –Smart
Computer Committee
Pensa Knust

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