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GO! By all MEANS and Preach the Gospel – The Rwanda Experience.

The feet of those who bring the good news are truly amazingly beautiful. There is a joy that penetrates the heart of them who choose to obey the instruction. However what is the best way to Go?    How should missionaries travel to share the word?

Bringing the discussion home, how should PENSA International participants travel?

Agreeably, it safe to say that the word “International” added to the name of the vision, immediately brings to mind travelling abroad. This same notion gives many the false hopes of a possible luxury holiday rest when they think about the PENSA International initiative. Whether the analysis indicated above fits your description or not, kindly permit me to educate you on how some dedicated participants of the PENSA International vision are Going.

The March missions team participants going to Rwanda and Uganda departed from the Kotoka International airport. As expected it was the first experience for a number of them. The feeling was good, the selfies covered many different angles; the team spirit went through the roof. In a nutshell, it was a pleasant experience. Upon arrival at Kigali International airport in Rwanda, the team going to Uganda continued their journey with a connecting flight while the Rwanda team waited to unfold the full mystery of the “GO” mandate.


In Kigali – Rwanda, the first means for realizing the Go mandate was an automobile, which sent the missionaries to their residence. The bus was a usual bus, which did not make much of a difference to the team. The next 2 days of missionary works were done in an automobile. On the 9th March 2020, while waiting quietly in the bus for the team to get to their bus stop, the fire of the Lord kept burning in the heart of a brother by name Roland Appiah to share the word of God in the public. After enquiring from the Rwandan rep appointed to assist the team, he was strongly advised on the negative since this is not an accepted practice in the country. The brother could not overlook his passion. He went further to politely request permission from the bus driver. Praise the Lord he was allowed. After he shared shortly he passed the baton to Brother Stephen Amoako who happened to be located at the very centre of the bus. He shared the gospel mightily and praise Jesus people gave their lives to Christ.

Brother Amoako Stephen sharing the Word of God in a bus

The team resided in Rueyenzi and from observation, the best mode of transportation was the motorcycle. In this case, Going meant riding the motorbikes. Interestingly Jesus won souls on the motor bicycles as well. God through Bro. Stephen Amoako Obeng, Bro. Geoffrey Gamor and Bro Joseph Acquah ministered powerfully to some motor riders. Praise Jesus three of them gave their lives to Christ.  

In Rwanda, there are places where accessibility to vehicles and motorbikes are very difficult. The team that went to Huye faced such an instance. They had to resort to the use of licensed bicycles in order to effectuate the Go mandate. Jesus ministered through Elder Dr Patrick Adonoo to some bicycles riders and five of them gave their lives to Christ. The same evening a Bible study meeting was started for them with Bro Emmanuel Tuyishime (church member), appointed as their teacher for their growth in the faith.

Finally, the team had to walk in many instances. There were instances where the only way to Go was to walk. Elder Isaiah Adzokatse through the walking means of Go, won 6 souls for Christ. As seen in all instances, Jesus saved souls for Himself. Praise the name of Jesus.

The mandate of Jesus Christ is to Go. The means to realize this mandate is as important as the mandate itself. However, whether we fly, drive, ride or walk … we must still Go.

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