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Terminal 3 – Greener Pastures

We wake up each day to hear our friends are out of our home country supposedly for greener
pastures. How and when they started the process is what everyone keeps asking. But hey! Who
in Ghana doesn’t want to go through Terminal 3 (same is true in other countries around the
world where the youth are seeing “gold” elsewhere).

We miss our friends all the same and we sometimes accuse them for not telling us. Well, I don’t think they should share their core plans because “Nipa no bi y3 cobra” (some people do sabotage others) and it is prudent to keep some secrets of the process until we emerge successful.

Come to think of it, is traveling abroad the only way to succeed in life? Matthew 6:33 says that we should seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all other things shall be added unto us. Thus, no matter where you are and what you do for a living, when we seek God (the Creator of the Universe) and His hand (favour) upon our lives, all our dealings shall be successful. God bless irrespective of location and He traverses barriers. Terminal 3 might be what you want but have you sought God first? Do you know his plans and thoughts for your life or you are just following the crowd to Terminal 3?
Don’t let Terminal 3 terminate God’s plan and purpose for you. Seek God first!

By: Eshun Freda

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